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Hi ! I am Lunelopo

Lover of history, geography, video games but also literature, whether traditional or more contemporary via, for example, comic strips, I wanted to create a site where I could share my feelings about new comics of the moment!

I will only share the comics that I have in my possession! There may very well be 2 presentations over a week or 20; it all depends on the number of comics I buy in the shop ^^

The title of the comic, the publisher, the number of page(s), the category, a small presentation of the story without revealing too much, possibly photos, my feeling and even notes; this is what I will share with you over time on this site :)

I hope you like it and that it will give you the desire to discover lots of new comics!  

I wish you a very good reading!

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Merci de vous être abonné.

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